A new generation of intelligent communication

20, مارس, 2023

A new generation of
intelligent communication

In a world where the mobile phone has become a mass market tool of everyday life, why is a luxury mobile phone different? Luxury has become much more diversified and contextual. High-worth brands have had to evolve and adapt in accordance with the changing societal landscape and cultural distinctions. Basic assumptions of luxury have had to learn new vocabularies. And, despite all the uncertainty of the world, a brand that spots opportunities where others only see challenges, will not only survive but thrive and align with customer’s evolving expectations.

XOR has a bold vision — to become the world’s leading luxury mobile phone. With a heritage rooted in iconic British design and over 30 years’ experience originating and creating the luxury phone market, XOR aims to create a ‘new luxury’. One that understands the importance of creating peace of mind and protecting well-being. Where beautifully designed communication devices are meticulously engineered and hand-crafted as precision instruments of connection, unbreakable security and luxury.

Born from an obsession for design and perfection, where impeccable crafting meets innovative engineering and the need for true protection, XOR has created communication instruments for a new generation of user for people that value privacy, luxury and design alongside well-being, mindfulness and self-expression. XOR creates communication devices crafted for smart people, inspiring individuality whilst exuding captivating design and leading technology.

Since its launch in Europe, XOR has already made its mark as a communication device that is so much more than a traditional luxury phone, crafted from the finest materials with unique ergonomic design and distinct functions, XOR aims to redefine intelligent communication. The operating system (OS) of XOR has been exclusively developed, with user security features that protect to the utmost level. Each XOR handset is encrypted to protect your vital data. Two or more XOR users can exchange calls and messages, using end-to-end encryption through a unique contact system and a series of secure one-time passwords. XOR only works with the finest materials including sapphire crystal, titanium, ceramic and fine leather, to create handsets that are robust and beautiful.

XOR has now arrived in Dubai. A meeting of minds, where luxury meets intellect in the pursuit of perfection. The new XOR boutique in Dubai is set to become the destination of choice for an exceptional, luxurious customer experience. Located at Dubai International Financial Centre, the interior is inspired by the ergonomic, fluid shape of the handset, combined with contemporary style and warm colours to create a luxurious space.

XOR are committed to deliver to the highest standards of service by ensuring each customer experiences something unique, luxurious and exceptional. XOR Boutique Dubai showcases the Titanium Classic collection, available in Classic, Ebony, Marine, Rose and special edition made-to-order Alligator. Distinctive and unique, each handset is handcrafted in the UK and is a statement of the intelligently understated.

To complement the opening of the XOR boutique in Dubai, XOR has launched a new seasonal campaign exploring the provenance of a thoroughly modern, contemporary luxurious Christmas. ‘Quintessentially Christmas’ focusses on showcasing the beauty of the key physical attributes of the XOR handsets whilst disrupting the traditional idea of Christmas in a creatively rich, warm and emotive way.

The campaign utilises bold, vibrant shapes and colours that feel sumptuous and festive. The unique shapes of the handsets bring the concept to life by creating patterns and visuals that reflect iconic Christmas symbolism re-interpreted through modern, kaleidoscopic artworks.

XOR’s ‘Quintessentially Christmas’ is designed to announce this new arrival and ignite the inquisitiveness of the new generation of luxury mobile phone user and set a new benchmark for expectation and experience of intelligent communication.

To find out more, visit the XOR Boutique at: Unit 33, Level GF, Gate Avenue – North Zone, Dubai International Financial Centre.

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