Intelligent Luxury

Perfect in every detail, XOR will not distract, only enhance your lifestyle. Produced in very limited numbers using the finest and most precious materials each XOR X2 handset is an individual masterpiece. Handcrafted by one single, skilled artisan the micro-mechanics of assembly, attention to detail and captivating design are exceptional.

Intellect and Logic

The XOR logo – the Shield Knot emphasises our promise of security representing an ancient symbol of protection used for thousands of years. It embodies the confidence and trust that we deliver to our users. Our name XOR is a basic logic function of computer programming that creates algorithms to randomise data ensuring security and safety.

Handmade in England

Designed and handcrafted from the finest materials, with unique ergonomic design, innovative engineering, and distinct functions our mission is to craft the most exquisite handsets that captivate attention and guarantee privacy and protection.

Handcrafted in England

Our heritage is rooted in iconic British design. With over 20 years’ experience originating and nurturing the luxury mobile phone market XOR is introducing a a new generation of handset. One that understands the importance of assuring peace of mind and protecting well-being.

Established in 2017, we have built a team of highly skilled craftsmen, designers, engineers, and materials experts to bring our vision to life. XOR is born from impeccable craft, beautiful design, innovative engineering and true protection devices for a discerning user. With unique ergonomic design, and distinct functions our handsets create impact, captivate attention and guarantee privacy.

Intelligent Design

Classic style, intuitive and ergonomic geometry is at the heart of our design philosophy defined by the fluid surfaces and beautifully curved edges. The physical form ensures the handsets are considered, luxurious and extremely gratifying to use.

Ergonomically Engineered

XOR’s signature design philosophy is captured in the titanium sides of the handset. The lower half is deliberately sculpted to the palm, allowing the folding over of the fingers to feel natural. The upper half makes a natural home for the thumb and index finger, guiding them to the keys.

Intelligent Choice

XOR is designed to offer an authentic departure from today’s impersonal, generic mobile phones. For people that make choices based on what is important and value an escape from the over-digitized world to one that offers discretion, authenticity, and self-expression.

Intelligence Inside

Technologically our new generation of XOR X2 handset is designed with all aspects of protection and safety in mind. The XOR X2 unique, patented ‘Privacy Protection Technology’ XOR-Shield and XOR-Peer* systems provide the highest levels of security. Each handset has been developed to protect your vital data. At the heart of the handset is the unique XOR operating system which is built in-house and customized to the strictest of data security standards.

Intelligent Craftsmanship

Each XOR handset is built and handcrafted by a single skilled craftsman. The X2 consists of 170 intricate components designed by XOR specialists. We follow an end-to-end traceable process to ensure that the materials used to create your handset have unique ID records detailing the production. The parts are manufactured exclusively by XOR in accordance with the highest standards of quality control.


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