Introducing XOR: The smart approach to a connected future

20, March, 2023


Combining elegant design and utmost security, XOR’s handcrafted devices offer an elevated alternative forlife online In partnership with: XOR t likely doesn’t happen too often but how did you feel the last time you left your phone at home? Naked? Adrift? Disappointed every time you subconsciously reached into your pocket and realised it wasn’t there? And yet, for a piece of tech that has become as indispensable as yourright arm, so many of us are happy to settle forthe type of mass-produced product we would never allow into our wardrobes, watch cases orjewellery boxes. Which is where XOR steps in. Founded in 2021 with Head of Design Hutch Hutchison, previously of Nokia and Vertu, behind the wheel, XOR’s handsets are designed not to monetise your data ortrack your every movement, but to put the experience and intellect of their users first, offering style and peace of mind in one undisputably chic package.

At the heart of every handset is the custom XOR operating system. Built in-house, it takes a holistic, all-around approach to safety and security, with all vital data protected by the XOR-Shield system. XOR’s unique contact system even means that calls and messages sent between two or more XOR handsets are completely private. The very definition of safe hands. The latest addition to the collection is the Titanium X2 and, while we’ll get on to its gorgeous aesthetics in a moment, what should be said is that XOR has no interest in joining the war between mass smartphone makers forthe most technologically advanced device.In fact, to expect bells and whistles would be to somewhat miss the true beauty of an XOR handset.

For XOR’s phones are not merely forthose who want to stay connected – but also forthose who prize theirtime offline. With this in mind, the X2 takes a hardware-first approach, with no App Store or GPS. Not only does this further help secure yourinformation but it also pares back the smartphone experience to essential, effective functions designed to enhance yourlife online without distracting you from the real world. In practice, this translates to key features including a logical, intuitive display, Bluetooth, wireless charging, and automatic noise cancellation and call volume adjustment. A unique ringtone created by award-winning composer Mark Sayfritz and a range of wellness features, such as an air quality indicator, also serve to integrate the X2 seamlessly into your everyday life.

Crucial to this, of course, is an ergonomic design that is every bit as considered as your favourite three-piece suit or designer dress.In line with the brand’s refined approach to connectivity, XOR’s handsets eschew the modern full-screen approach for a handset perfectly sized for single-handed use. Handcrafted in the UK, each features a sapphire crystal screen, ceramic earpiece,robust titanium body and fine leatherfinishings using materials sourced from French house Jean Rousseau. Of course, it would be remiss of a device so tailored to its user’s needs and preferences not to offer a little room for personal choice. Accordingly, the Titanium X2 is available in four variations: Classic (polished titanium and black leather), Ebony (black titanium and leather), Rose (polished titanium and pink leather) and Marine (polished titanium and blue leather). Our advice? Choose wisely – because once you’ve discovered the XOR experience, you’re never going to want to go back

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