XOR enters the East Asian market with its debut at the 2024 Hainan Expo and the opening of a Flagship XOR Boutique in Vietnam

16, May, 2024

XOR, the luxury phone brand, having expanded in the European market is now making inroads into East Asia, particularly China and South East Asia. 

XOR, a luxury phone brand based in the UK has caused a sensation in high society with its exquisite, secure phones. 

With a distribution network spanning over 34 countries from the UK, Poland, Australia, and Dubai, XOR has now set its course towards the East Asian market with a debut at the 2024 China International Consumer Products Expo (Hainan Expo) and the opening a flagship Boutique in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam.

Flagship Boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam
Flagship Boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam

In early April 2024, XOR, one of fourteen brands representing the United Kingdom, unveiled its latest products at one of the world’s largest trade fairs – The 2024 China International Consumer Products Expo. As the sole luxury phone brand from the UK present at the Hainan Expo, XOR made a strong impression with its high-end phone lines, which are icons of British craftsmanship utilizing some of the world’s most precious materials such as 18K rose gold, titanium, sapphire and Alligator leather. XOR also introduced Asian consumers to it’s world-leading security features, setting a new standard for luxury phones.

Flagship Boutique in Hanoi, Vietnam

The “father” of the XOR phone brand, Mr. Hutch Hutchison, shared the reasons behind choosing the Hainan Expo as his entry point into the Chinese market in particular and Asia in general: “Obviously, there’s a huge trade show which suits us, but also Hainan itself is set up as a free trade port. It will be attracting a lot of business, wealth, and tourism, which is a great thing for us.”

Following its successful debut at the China International Consumer Products Expo, XOR opened it’s Flagship Southeast Asian boutique in the heart of Hanoi, Vietnam. The sophisticated Boutique opened its doors on May 8th, 2024, at 17 Hang Bai with the presence of representatives from the British Embassy, renowned Vietnamese beauty queens such as Miss Viet Nam Ky Duyen, Miss Viet Nam Tieu Vy, First Runner-up Miss Viet Nam Huyen My, KOC Duy Tham, and other special guests. 

XOR’s beautiful Boutique

XOR’s beautiful Boutique, is located in a prominent area of Hanoi and provides clients with a premium shopping experience. The XOR Elite Gold and XOR Sylvanian, the brand’s most expensive phone models, were unveiled to the visitors on the opening day. The XOR Sylvanian, is made of rare “Yellow Marble wood” with distinctive natural gold veins, while the XOR Elite Gold, valued at over forty thousand dollars, is made from solid 18K rose gold from Switzerland and the back is covered in Mississippi alligator skin.

Mr. Hutchison, when asked why he decided to enter the East Asian market replied: “Asia as a whole is the biggest luxury market in the world, and Vietnam, with a stable and fast-growing economy is part of this. People in East Asia are enjoying increased spending power and can afford the finer things in life. China and Vietnam, where we have chosen to debut our brand are also destinations for many international visitors and foreign expats.”

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