1.1. Twenty-four months for the mobile phone, and twelve months for any fixed internal battery;
1.2.  Six Months for out-of-box batteries and other accessories:
1.3. Warranty period starts at the date of purchase of the Product by the first end user.
For replacement parts, from the time of replacement of components:
• The product has a warranty period of equal to or more than 12 months, the warranty period for replacement parts is equal to the remaining Warranty period of the product;
• The product has a Warranty period of less than 12 months or the Warranty has expired; the Warranty period of replacement parts is 12 months.
For innovative products, counting from the time of innovation:
• The original product’s warranty period is equal to or more than 12 months; the replacement product’s warranty period is equal to the original product’s warranty period.
• The product has a warranty period of less than 12 months; the warranty period of the renewed product is 12 months.


2.1. Products and components are not covered in Out of Warranty;

2.2. Products and components are within the Warranty period;

2.3. For Products with anti-removal marks applied, the paint on the screws must be intact, not cracked, pried, erased or replaced. The manufacturer stores the original image of the anti-removal coating on each product for reference (this Warranty condition applies from December 15, 2022).

2.4. The Retailer is responsible for handle all Warranty claims in the territory, including but not limited to:
– Communication with Customer;
– Collection of the faulty units;
– Exchange or Repair as necessary;
– Re-export and transportation to UK Service Centre or Regional Service Centre at its own risk and cost;
– Re-import after repair into the assigned Territory at its own risk and cost.


3.1. Any repair or replacement of a Product that does not fall within the terms of the warranty will be considered to be an out of warranty service (“OoW Service”). All fees and costs for OoW Services will be invoiced directly to the Customer.
3.2. Upon receipt of the Product and duly filled Customer Return Form XOR will promptly investigate the defect and make a repair estimate for Customer’s approval. No OoW Services shall be performed without acceptance by the Customer and Customer will always be charged only the amount of the approved repair estimate.
3.3. Customer is responsible for transport of the Products at its risk and cost to XOR. XOR is responsible for the return of the Product at its risk to Customer, the costs of the transport shall be charged to the Customer in addition to the OoW fees and any importation and exportation procedures and costs are responsibility of the Customer.
3.4. Products will be returned unrepaired to the Customer in the lack of such repair estimate approval and/or payment within 8 weeks from the date of XOR sending the repair estimate to the Customer.


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