What is special about XOR company?

XOR is an English communications company developing a collection of premium feature handsets that deliver discreet, reliable security combined with a sophisticated and robust design

Where are XOR phones made?

XOR phones are made in England and are hand-built then finished by a skilled team of craftsmen. The main workshop facility is in Camberley, London, United Kingdom.

What are Made-to-Order items?

Custom made models are an exclusive mark of personalisation at the highest level. XOR Made-to-Order offers tailor made models in the finest alligator skin or wood varieties such as spruce, oak or ash, made-to-order upon your request.

How regularly do you launch new models?

Our models are carefully designed and developed to provide best user experience. New models will not be introduced frequently and the old models will be hardware upgraded but keeping the same form/ID.

What is the meaning of XOR’s motto “Intelligent Luxury”

XOR is made from the finest materials with ergonomic design to provide comfortable touch feel together with hardened/customized Operating System and applications to support secure and safe usage for the users.

What classifies XOR as ‘luxury’?

Made in England, XOR is luxury phone hand-built and finished by a team of skilled craftsmen in limited quantity only. Each XOR is handcrafted using the finest materials and offers subtle and unique features.


What XOR accessories are available?

XOR accessories include the charging cable, international charger, and an out-of-box purchase leather case for your handset.

What comes inside the product box?

Each XOR handset comes boxed with a brand book, certificate of authenticity, exotic materials certificate (only for Gold and Alligator Collection), an International warranty card, a user guide and XOR accessories consisting of a charger body and cable, leather case and cleaning cloths.

How do I know if my call/sms is safe?

2 XOR handsets can be paired with security coded handshaking. After the pairing, the shielding icon will appear, indicating that the call is safe.

What is the difference between XOR’s security technology and the security technology of an iPhone, Samsung KNOX, Solarwin or Phillips xenium?

At the core of each XOR model is hardware encryption to provide secure, protected communication. This is possible only with two XOR phones where security is not compromised. Adding a Secure Contact enables you to securely call or text another XOR phone using end-to-end encryption. To enable this, you need to pair with the key of another XOR phone when first adding the contact to your phone contact list.
In addition, with patented XOR-Shield technology, the XOR phones are protected from radio/silent SMS/silent call attacks that can steal the user position, phone call, (OTP) SMSs.

What should I do if my XOR phone is exposed to water (Light rain or similar?)

Bring your handset to an authorized XOR service center as soon as possible so that it can be checked and repaired if required.

Is it possible to request a Certificate of authenticity for my XOR?

The certificate of authenticity is only provided in the box when the handset is purchased and if lost can not be reissued.

How does XOR-Peer works?

XOR-Peer establishes a peer-2-peer connection between two XOR phones so that encrypted voice/text communication is possible without being relayed via central servers as normal VoIP services or normal phone calls.

Can I expand my XOR-Peer account to more than 5?

It is not in plan to provide more than 5 licenses per XOR phone until 31 December 2022.

How does XOR-Shield works

XOR-Shield stands between the application processor and low level processors such as baseband, SIM card and detect malicious SIM commands, silient SMSs/phone calls, malicious radio signals (from fake Base Transceiver Station) that can hijack user information such as SMSs, OTP SMSs, phone calls, positions, call logs, contacts,…


What is the price of XOR services?

XOR after-care services are free of charge for 2 years following purchase, and maintenance can be offered for 5 years with the only charge being for damaged or defective parts if needed.

How can I upgrade the latest software?

XOR software will be upgraded via OTA mechanism. Please refer to the User guide for instructions on how to upgrade the software.

How can I contact XOR?

Our customer service details include phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.
Hotline: +44 (0)20 3941 8770
Email: [email protected]


What does a service warranty cover?

The warranty covers only manufacturing defects. It does not cover defects resulting from negligence or misuse.

How long are phones under warranty?

Your XOR phone is under limited warranty from the date of purchase for a period of two years.

During the maintenance/warranty period, do I have access to a replacement phone if required?

The replacement phone will only be provided upon its availabilty.

I lost my warranty card. What should I do?

XOR cannot issue a new warranty card if the original one is lost.

How will I know if my phone warranty is still valid?

Contact XOR and provide your serial number and IMEI number. XOR will be able to check for you if you have registered with us.


How I can be sure that a retailer is authorized to sell XOR handset?

All XOR authorised retailers are listed on our website. Customers can check via either our website or by requesting ot see the XOR authorized certificate retailer which should be displayed at their showrooms.

How can I ensure my XOR is genuine?

You can check your IMEI via our website in Support section, or call us to check the warranty card number which should always be provided at point of purchase by your retailer.


How can I track my order status?

We are currently developing our e-commerce system for order tracking, in the meantime please contact us by email or phone. Our sales team will keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Can I modify my shipping address?

If you need to modify your shipping or delivery information after your order has been placed, please contact us as soon as possible. Shipping information, including delivery address, cannot be modified once the order has already been shipped. XOR cannot take any responsibility caused by any mistake in the shipping address provided by the customer.


What is your return policy?

This is based upon each country’s statutory requirements and regulation.

Are delivery charges refundable?

Delivery charges are non-refundable.

How can I send my XOR phone to your workshop in the UK for warranty?

You can find our authorized regional partners listed on our website and they will be able to provide support with returning your handset to the UK.

Can I return a Made-to-Order item?

As a Made-to-Order item is manufactured according to your specification and preference, we are not able to accept any returns.


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